- Continuously challenging new filling machines Established in 1943 -

As a pioneer of filling machine manufacturer

Since its establishment in 1943 as a die-cut maker for sweets, Katahisado Co., Ltd. has continued its history as a confectionery equipment maker including filling machines for over 70 years. The history of Katahisado is the history of the evolution and development of confectionery equipment itself, and we have accumulated results by responding to the needs of the changing times.
As a pioneer of filling machine manufacturers, our strength lies in always generating new ideas and ideas, and demonstrating the proposing power based on our rich track record and know-how.

As a professional of filling machine

The performance required of filling machines is diversified and advanced. In addition to the commitment to safety that can not be neglected in the process of making food, it is an important performance that filling machines are required to have accurate quantitativeness and not to lose the nature and beauty of the fabric. Also, in recent years, the need for labor saving and unmanning has increased as a measure against the labor shortage, and the question that what can be done to confectionery equipment continues to be made, and the theme imposed on Katahisado is.Thanks to you, as well as the confectionery industry, we came to receive inquiries from various manufacturers such as seafood processing, food, food, consumer goods and daily necessities.We will play a role as a professional from now on by adhering to an integrated system such as design and delivery by our company and domestic production in order to meet the detailed needs in Japan.

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Delivery results of Katahisado

Since its founding in 1943, the products of Katahisado have been chosen at many confectionery sites. We are also active today in the Matcha Yam manufacturing plant by tea shops and food factories of major distribution companies, including the well-known Japanese and Western confectionery brands that everyone knows. Among them, it is also used at manufacturing sites that are open to the public as a factory tour, and you can see how the products of Katahisado are in operation.

Based on peace of mind, safety and hygiene

The products of Katahisado are used in food production where the highest level of safety and hygiene management is required. Of course it is hygienic, and we will make products that can ensure safety, safety and hygiene by designing and devising easy to manage hygiene after introduction.